DIY Pensions with SIPPs

If you prefer a ‘Do It Yourself’ approach to your pension pot, we’re here to help you navigate the complexities of Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP).

Unlike Traditional Personal Pensions which limit your investment choice and capability, a SIPP is ideal for investors who wish to diversify their options for greater returns.

How it works

With a SIPP, you can choose to invest in a range of assets, where your money is then pooled and managed for you.

If you prefer a managed approach rather than choosing your preferred fund, you can elect to pay an authorised investment manager to take care of your fund for you.

Who qualifies?

Most people from the UK under the age of 75 are eligible to apply for a SIPP, but it is important you seek advice from your financial advisor if you are not a seasoned investor.

Which investments do SIPPs use?

There are a range of investments you can select for your SIPP, such as:

- Individual stocks and shares, quoted on a recognised UK or overseas stock      exchange
- Commercial property (such as offices, shops or a factory premises)
- Deposit accounts with banks and building societies
- Various National Savings and Investment products
- Unit trusts
- Investment trusts
- Government securities
- Insurance company funds
- Traded endowment policies

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